The constant pursuit of quality and sustainability begins in the vineyards where our objective is to bring out the best of every single vine. No small feat considering our commitment to respecting the environment in every phase of wine making. We ban the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers or any other product that does not conform with our ideas of organic farming and with the plant’s natural phytosanitary defense system.
The fertility of the soil is managed through organic fertilization and the use of Biodynamic Preparation 500 Cow Horn manure. The grapes are handpicked and the grapes are also manually selected.


“The less you do, the better.”
The above statement is not a declaration of laziness but rather one of hope that every year we may harvest the finest grapes so as to intervene as little as possible on what mother nature has offered us. The equipment used has been kept to a bare minimum while the passion we pour into our efforts is always at a maximum with the aid of the terracotta containers.
We do not apply the standard ‘cut and paste’ techniques during the fermentation, maceration and aging processes of our wines: every aspect is based on the harvest of each individual year and on our own expertise gained throughout years of working in this field. We go out of our way to maintain top quality in every step of our work to offer you the finest wine, the fruit of the region and of its distinctive characteristics.


The method of making wine in amphora containers of terracotta did not begin in modern times. The ancient Greeks and Romans – and before them the Caucasians over 7000 years ago – carried and preserved wine in these containers that leave a “zero ecological footprint” and are ideal for a slow and consistent micro-oxygenation of the wine. Today we turn to the wisdom of the ancient populations and revisit this old tradition with the aim of persevering in our pledge to combine quality and natural products.
Our terracotta amphora containers are considered a means to our work with the end being a range of wines whose production is based first and foremost on antique culture and is the fruit of a strong bond to the land on which it was made. This is why we have chosen to have them made by a Tuscan artisan from the small village of Impruneta, the home of terracotta craftsmanship in Italy. Each amphora has a 800 liter capacity and is equipped with a fitted stainless steel top lid which limits oxygen coming into contact with the contents. Thus, our amphora containers are the same wise ‘custodians’ today as they were in ancient times for the preservation of our wine and of the traditions used in our work.

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