Our experiences are designed to leave a deep imprint on your heart. Discover how the details make every moment special, offering you the opportunity to experience not only the beauty of our places but also the pleasure of indulging in a relaxing massage, a tasting of local delicacies, or a captivating tour of the surrounding area.


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1. WWF Reserve of Calanchi di Atri: Immerse yourself in wild nature with a visit to the WWF Reserve of Calanchi di Atri.
2. Local Brewery Tour: Discover unique flavors with a guided tour of the local brewery.
3. Guided Tours of the City of Atri: Walk through the historic streets of Atri with guided tours of the city and Sant’Angelo.
4. Fattoria dei Calanchi Dairy: Taste local cheeses with a visit to the Fattoria dei Calanchi dairy.
5. Hyperborea Herb Farm:Explore the world of herbs with a visit to a farm specialized in growing Hyperborea herbs.
6. E-Bike Rental with Guide: Ride through pine forests and along the coast with an e-bike rental and guide.
7. Beach Day: Enjoy a relaxing day on the surrounding beaches.
8. Horseback Riding: Explore the Abruzzo countryside with exciting horseback rides.
9. Olive Oil Mill Visit: Spend the day with a visit to the local olive oil mill.
10. Walks, Visits, Snack or Aperitif in the Orchard: Discover authentic flavors with an experience in the orchard.
11. Boat Excursions on the Trabocchi Coast: Admire the unique Trabocchi Coast with exciting boat excursions.
12. Boat Excursions in Roseto degli Abruzzi: Explore the marine beauties with boat excursions in Roseto degli Abruzzi.
13. Abruzzo Transiberian – Historic Train: Experience a unique journey on the historic Abruzzo Transiberian train.
14. Civitella del Tronto Fortress: Immerse yourself in history with a visit to the impressive Civitella del Tronto Fortress.
15. Onda Blu Water Park in Tortoreto: Have fun with a water experience at the Onda Blu Water Park in Tortoreto.

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